Hi, I'm Soojin!


I grew up in Seoul, South Korea, and graduated with a BA in English Literature and International Trading from Gachon University. It was at university that I first discovered my lifelong love for languages, Russian ballet, and yoga.


I made my long-planned ‘big move’ to Sydney in February 2020, and decided to pursue an interest in learning computer languages. I have recently graduated from General Assembly Sydney’s Software Engineering Immersive course – please take a look at some of my projects below! I am currently only accepting small-scale freelance work, while I continue to build my skills and look for a suitable opportunity as a junior full-stack developer.


My work background is mostly in the interpretation /translation field. In 2018 I started working as an English Interpreter in the South Korean Foreign Ministry, where I provided emergency interpretation services for Korean nationals abroad. In my first year working there I was ranked #1 out of 36 interpreters in my department, and in my second year I received an official Certificate of Commendation for high performance.

Download my resume here.


New South Waves

A rental shop for all your surfing hire needs! Users create an account to reserve beach gear - from surfing boards to parasols - for an hourly rate

React, Node, MongoDB, Bootstrap
Cloudinary, Netlify, Heroku

Demo GitHub
LATTICE (’Trello’ Clone Code)

Organise projects with your teammates. Multiple users access the same project description to add/delete specific goals and mark up when complete

React, Rails, PostgreSQL, Material UI
Netlify, Heroku

Demo GitHub
The Paws Button

Adopting a new pet has never been so easy! Shelters create profiles for all their available animals, and users browse through them online

Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap
Cloudinary, Heroku

Demo GitHub

Developed the famous ‘Tic-Tac-Toe’ game. Two players take turns marking spaces in a grid, and whoever makes three in a row first wins

JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML

Demo GitHub

Want to see more? Check out my code here.

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